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Empowering people to move through life transitions with grace. Learn the skills you need to thrive in the face of change.

The Courage to Date

Dating is an opportunity for growth. Opportunity for growth - that’s coach lingo.   We coaches like to wrap life up like a present with a big pretty bow. Everything in life is a gift, yes, even the hard stuff, especially the hard stuff. That’s where the best opportunities for growth happen.

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Life is Change

What is the scariest thing on earth? Some may say spiders, snakes, heights, flying, big dogs, little dogs, politicians, clowns, but there is one thing that tops the list in most every human: CHANGE. Oh how we resist change. We make excuses. We avoid. We deny. Anything but Change!!

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Dating and the Vulnerability Hangover

Recently I began dating. It’s been almost 2 years since my marriage ended, and let's face it, my marriage ended well before I moved out. I gave myself time to heal my wounded heart and empower my confidence so that I could be the kind of woman to attract the kind of man I wanted. With encouragement from my friends, I joined some online dating sites and put myself out there.

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Why I became a Life Coach

2013 could have been the year of Loss. Instead I choose to see it as the year of Opportunity. and that's because of my work with Life Coaches.

In March I separated from my husband of 12 years, we sold our home and I moved to Pasadena. In June, my colleague at work died from a heart attack. He was my age. Then in August I was fired. Really?!! I was in disbelief. I’ve been hanging on through all this and keeping my spirits up until that point. I was scared!! What am I going to do?

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