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Throw Out Thursday is a weekly motivational post on my Facebook page:

Today we are in the bathroom. Too much makeup & skin care items = bathroom clutter. So toss the old & funky looking stuff.

In honor of Spring, let's take another look in the closet. Go through all your spring and summer clothes before shopping for new. This way you won't buy the same thing you already have (excluding me & my 5 black T-shirts). And you'll know what you need to make some new stylish outfits.
Happy Spring!

Today we are in the kitchen. What gadgets, utensils, or appliances do you no longer use? I bet you have at least 2 you haven't used in the past year. Let's donate those Today. 
Kim Can Do It. And so can You!

I challenge you to delete 25 emails today. I know some of you can delete many more. And be mindful of all those emails coming in: unsubscribe or change your preference to less frequently. Remember I can help you get organized.

Today's focus, my favorite place, the closet. I bet you can find 2 things you haven't worn in years to donate. Throw them in a bag and take to your favorite donation center today.